Supporting Canadian Caregivers

As the number of Canadian seniors continues to swell, unpaid caregiving has become more widespread than ever before.

Over 4.5 million Canadians play a role in caring for an elderly family member or someone with long-term health problems. Family caregivers have become important members of the patient recovery and care team, but with very limited resources and financial support. As a result, caregiver stress and burnout has become a significant issue. For many caregivers the price of such dedication is high. The stress of organizing and managing the care of a loved one while juggling the demands of a growing family and busy career can take a heavy toll.

One of the most challenging aspects of caregiving is the time and organization it takes to coordinate medical appointments, medications, household chores and other caregiving activities, particularly if there are multiple family members and organizations involved.

Spend Less Time Coordinating, More Time Caregiving

Philips Lifeline recently launched the CarePartners Mobile app, designed specifically to make caregiving easier and eliminate the usual back-and-forth of phone calls and emails. Virtually any member of the care team can be linked through the CarePartners Mobile app:

  • Multiple family members
  • Friends and neighbours
  • Volunteers
  • Paid care providers and home care workers

The app creates a secure Community of Care through which a loved one’s caregivers can coordinate and share responsibilities and activities:

  • Start a shared to-do list of care tasks, assign responsibilities, invite volunteers
  • See at a glance who’s doing what and which tasks still need volunteers
  • Move tasks into a Smartphone’s calendar and set reminders
  • Keep track of medical appointments, expenses, and errands
  • Organize grocery shopping, meal prep, housework, visits, and much more

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