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Here are just a few resources that Mosaic Home Care Services thought would be helpful for families, family caregivers and community online. Information at your fingertips makes all the difference.

  • Where do you start, who can help you, what do you need to know?
  • Who can you talk to for advice on elder care or health care information?
  • Where can you go to find information or gain insights about downsizing your home?
  • How can you find out about community programs and activities?

Advocacy Centre for the Elderly (ACE) Logo

ACE – Advocacy Centre for the Elderly

The Advocacy Centre for the Elderly is a community based legal clinic for low income senior citizens. ACE is managed by a volunteer board of directors at least half of whom are seniors. ACE is funded through Legal Aid Ontario and is the first legal clinic in Canada to specialize in the legal problems of seniors.

Elder Abuse Ontario Logo

Elder Abuse Ontario

Elder Abuse Ontario (formerly known as ONPEA, The Ontario Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse) is a provincial, charitable, non-profit organization focused on supporting the implementation of The Ontario Strategy to Combat Elder Abuse and has been doing so since 2002.

National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (NICE) Logo

NICE – National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly

NICE is an international network of researchers, practitioners, students and seniors dedicated to improving the care of older adults, both in Canada and abroad. Members represent a broad spectrum of disciplines and professions, including geriatric medicine, gerontological nursing, gerontological social work, gerontology, rehabilitation science, sociology, psychology, policy and law.

Toronto Council on Aging Logo

Toronto Council on Aging

Founded in 1999 following the amalgamation of the City of Toronto, the Toronto Council on Aging is a non-profit organization working to address the issues and concerns of older adults in Toronto.

ALS Society of Canada Logo

ALS Society of Canada

ALS Society of Canada was founded in 1977. ALS Society of Canada is dedicated to supporting people living with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), and investing in research for the future, so ALS will be a treatable, not terminal disease.

Alzheimer Society Toronto Logo

Alzheimer Society of Toronto

The role of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto is to offer support, information and education to people with dementia, their families and their caregivers, to increase public awareness of dementia, to promote research, and to advocate for services that respect the dignity of the individual.



Kathleen Downie is an educator, artist and arts-in-health practitioner who co-founded the Creative Arts Program (CAP), Division of Endocrinology, at the Hospital for Sick Children in 1995. This innovative arts-in-health program uses a model of collaborative inquiry, engaging professional artists and children alike in creative work that is dynamic and expressive, transforming the experience of patients, families and clinicians within the medical space. Arising from this extensive work Kathleen has developed a learning framework for adults with dementia that is similarly based in shared inquiry. The Reciprocal Teacher- Learner Model (Downie and Polo) uses reciprocity and shared mutual experience to facilitate rich learning processes. In this way the roles of teacher and learner become fluid and interchangeable, permitting a dynamic dialogue that recognizes and elevates the expertise and ability of the learner with dementia. Over the past 5 years Kathleen has facilitated painting workshops for the Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto (at Head Office, Providence Health, and The Bitove Wellness Academy); the creation of the Living Garden Quilt at Baycrest Hospital; workshops for residents and recreational staff at SageCare; and painting workshops at Senior People’s Resources in North Toronto (SPRINT). In addition to this work Kathleen is working to develop more inclusive learning opportunities and spaces for people with dementia in the mainstream.

Caregiving Matters Logo

Caregiving Matters

Caregiving Matters offers education and support to family caregivers. They are an Internet-based registered charity. 90% of our work is done on-line and by leveraging technologies, 10% is done by producing local educational events.

Carol Saba

Carol is certified in DementiAbility Methods: The Montessori WayTM in 2012. As a strong advocate for DementiAbility Methods, she conducts workshops and has become a consultant that focuses on helping others put DementiAbility Methods into practice. She works with long-term care residences and private clients helping individuals understand the methods and in turn, changing the way they support people with dementia. Carol’s successful implementation of these methods at a Toronto retirement home, a DementiAbility Methods day program was launched. Carol earned her degree in Communication Studies from Concordia University, is fluent in both English and French, and experience in television production, business development and workshop management. She can be reached for consultation at

Memory & Company Logo

Memory & Company

Memory & Company is Canada’s first Alzheimer’s health club. Their goal is to have a place that anyone would enjoy. The upscale, private social club and spa that just so happens to be a day program, specializes in the health and happiness of people with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. Open Monday to Saturday, Caregivers can return to work, run errands, reacquaint with friends and hobbies, or simply take a break, one to six days-a-week.

The Bitove Method Logo

The Bitove Method

The Bitove Method is an academic program offering virtual classes that are created and facilitated by Professional Artists trained in Relational Caring. Our philosophy is based on engagement, creativity, and intergenerational learning.

We practice art-based relational caring to inspire authentic relationships and life enrichment through the arts. Our activities are led by our caring and professional staff and include meaningful conversations, self-expression, dynamic movement, music, art, drama and so much more.

While our virtual academy keeps the needs of those affected by memory loss in mind, our classes are also suitable for the wider community. It’s a respectful and stimulating space for anyone who is interested in the arts and appreciates thoughtful engagement.

Toronto Memory Program Logo

Toronto Memory Program

The Toronto Memory Program is a multidisciplinary, community based, medical facility specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. It is one of the largest clinical trial programs for Alzheimer’s disease in the country.

Home Care Ontario Logo

OHCA – Ontario Home Care Association

Home Care Ontario, the voice of home care in Ontario™, is a member-based organization representing providers of quality home care services from across Ontario. OHCA members represent an estimated 25,000 staff collectively serving 350,000 Ontarians per year.

Canadian Cancer Society logo

Canadian Cancer Society

The Canadian Cancer Society is a national, community-based organization of volunteers whose mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer.

Canadian Virtual Hospice Logo

Canadian Virtual Hospice

The Canadian Virtual Hospice provides support and personalized information about palliative and end-of-life care to patients, family members, health care providers, researchers and educators.

Evergreen Hospice

Evergreen Hospice

Evergreen provides community based supportive services to individuals and their families in Markham, Stouffville and Thornhill, who are living with a life-threatening illness or living with the death of a loved one.

Evergreen is a non-profit, charitable organization which depends on donations and limited government funding in order to provide support at no charge to the client.

Evergreen is delighted to be partnering with MOSAIC to provide counselling and support services in the Thornhill community. Moving away from their site near Dufferin to MOSAIC, allows Evergreen bereavement clients, caregivers and people with a life-threatening illness, receive counselling and group support in a more central location.

All MOSAIC clients who are interested in these programs are welcome to register through Evergreen at the number below or by email at

Evergreen looks forward to this expansion of their relationship with MOSAIC!

Hospice Toronto

Mosaic Home Care

Mosaic Home Care Palliative Care Resources

This is Mosaic Home Care’s list of resources for family carers, professionals, and organizations, with Canada-wide support and education programs, as well as residential hospice and supports in Toronto and York Region.

Download Mosaic Home Care’s Palliative Care Resources in PDF format

Plan Well Guide

The Dorothy Ley Hospice Logo

The Dorothy Ley Hospice

Founded in 1990, The Dorothy Ley Hospice is a volunteer-based community service organization offering compassionate care to people living with the challenges of a life-limiting illness or loss. The programs meet their physical, emotional, spiritual and support needs helping them to live life to the fullest. The services are provided at no cost to the individual thanks to the generosity of our donors and community partners.

ALS Society of Canada Logo

ALS Society of Canada

ALS Society of Canada was founded in 1977. ALS Society of Canada is dedicated to supporting people living with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), and investing in research for the future, so ALS will be a treatable, not terminal disease.

Aphasia Institute Logo

Aphasia Institute

The Aphasia Institute is a Canadian community-based centre of excellence, pioneering programs and practices that help people with aphasia learn how to communicate in new ways, and begin to navigate their own lives again. Through direct service, research, education and training, the Aphasia Institute has built a reputation as a world leader and educator in aphasia.

Autism Canada Logo

Autism Canada

Autism Canada has been the hub of knowledge and understanding about Autism Spectrum Disorder in Canada since 1976. Their mandate is to work collaboratively with provincial and territorial organizations, associations and societies to champion ASD priorities.

Bernard Betel Centre Logo

Bernard Betel Centre

The Bernard Betel Centre is committed to empowering seniors to lead active, creative and healthy lifestyles in a Jewish environment.

Better Living Health and Community Services Logo

Better Living Health and Community Services

Better Living Health and Community Services has been delivering community support services in the Don Mills area since 1976. Their mission is to support individuals in the community in maintaining their independence, enhancing their social wellbeing, and optimizing their overall health and wellness through the provision of a wide range of community support services and leisure activities. Better Living is committed to their mission by helping adults and seniors, at all stages, experience a better quality of life.

Canadian Helen Keller Centre Logo

Canadian Helen Keller Centre

The Canadian Helen Keller Centre looks to provide persons who are deaf-blind access to information and training opportunities to achieve independence and self-reliance through maximizing their abilities, as is their right.

Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB)

CNIB is a registered charity, passionately providing community-based support, knowledge and a national voice to ensure Canadians who are blind or partially sighted have the confidence, skills and opportunities to fully participate in life.

CHATS – Community & Housing Assistance to Seniors

CHATS – Community & Home Assistance to Seniors is a not-for-profit charitable organization, launched in 1980 by a caring group of community members who believed in enhancing the independence of seniors living at home.

Circle of Care Day Centre Logo

Circle of Care Day Centre for Seniors

Serving the Toronto area since 1974, Circle of Care Day Centre for Seniors provides a number of services for seniors to help them meet their needs.

Heart and Stroke Foundation Logo

Heart and Stroke Foundation

The Heart and Stroke Foundation wants to help us lead healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke.

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is Canada’s largest children’s rehabilitation hospital focused on improving the lives of kids with disabilities. Holland Bloorview is a global leader in applied research, teaching and learning, and client and family centred care.

Loft Community Services logo

Loft Community Services

LOFT steps up to serve those most in need by offering them the safety and stability of housing and the practical support they need to regain their dignity and take control of their lives.

Lumacare Logo


Lumacare aspires to enhance, engage, and empower the members of a diverse community by providing equitable, accessible and high quality services.

March of Dimes Canada Logo

March of Dimes

March of Dimes is a community-based rehabilitation and advocacy charity for people with physical disabilities. Their goal is to enhance the independence and community participation of people with physical disabilities every day through a wide range of programs and services across the country.

Meals on Wheels and More Logo

Meals on Wheels and More

Meals on Wheels and More provides critical services to frail seniors and vulnerable adults in North York. Their services help people Stay Independent so they can continue to live in their own home.

North York Seniors Centre

North York Seniors Centre strives to enable the aging population to remain vital, healthy and connected to their community while enhancing the lives of all seniors who need assistance to live safely and independently in their own homes.

Parkinson Canada Logo

Parkinson Canada

Parkinson Canada (formerly the Parkinson Society of Canada) is the national voice of Canadians living with Parkinson’s, since 1965. Parkinson Society Canada guides the way for people affected by Parkinson’s in four key areas: Research, Education, Advocacy and Support.

SPRINT Senior Care Logo

SPRINT Senior Care

SPRINT Senior Care began caring for seniors and enabling seniors to care for themselves in 1983. They continue to do so today as an accredited, not-for-profit community support service agency in Toronto by offering a wide range of practical and low-cost services to seniors and their caregivers. SPRINT’s services help seniors stay safe, connected, and live as independently as possible, as well as prevent premature or inappropriate institutionalization.

St. Clair West Services for Seniors Logo

St. Clair West Services for Seniors

St. Clair West Services for Seniors is a non-profit charitable organization which provides valuable, innovative, and caring support services to older and/or disabled adults who wish to maintain their quality of life while living in their own homes. St. Clair West Services for Seniors provides a range of services, including Adult Day Services, Case Management, Home Help, Meals on Wheels, Respite Care, Supportive Housing and Transportation.

TransCare Community Support Services Logo

TransCare Community Support Services

TransCare Community Support Services, formerly Scarborough Support Services, is a registered, charitable corporation providing high quality care and compassionate service.

Yee Hong Centre For Geriatric Care Logo

Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care

Yee Hong strives to provide high quality and culturally appropriate services to enable seniors of different backgrounds and needs to live their lives in the fullest – in the healthiest, most independent and dignified ways.

ABC Transitions

ABC Transitions, we have over 40 years combined experience working with seniors and their families. This gives us the ability to truly understand the issues people face during life transitions and aging. We offer a supportive, non-judgemental and wellness-focused approach that will allow us to work collaboratively to achieve your goals and find balance.

We recognize that people are unique and have distinct circumstances. It is important to choose the right therapist for you. We offer a complimentary 15 minute telephone consultation so together, we can discuss how our interventions can meet your needs.

Elder Caring Logo

Elder Caring Inc.

Elder Caring provides advice about Home Care, Assisted Living, Caregiving, Elderly Care, and Senior Care. Elder Caring is a geriatric care management company. Elder Caring will assess your living situation and make recommendations about living well, whether at home or in assisted living settings. Elder Caring has a team of experts in Social Work, Occupational Therapy and other allied health professions. The Elder Caring team has years of experience providing care management while working with the disabled, older individuals and their families and caregivers.


ElderCareCanada is an advice and action consulting service aimed at ‘adult children’ seeking advice and hands-on help for all aspects of care for aging parents. Toronto-based, its services are available to clients across Canada, as well as internationally.

Milestones & Transitions

Milestones & Transitions Moving Forward

Services to Seniors.
Comprehensive psychosocial assessments that recognize your needs and find solutions to meet them.
Working with you to help you plan and effect positive outcomes.
Helping you navigate and manage the health care system.
Addressing family & caregiver communication and conflict.
Existing healthy activities and connections and more…..

Ontario Logo

Government of Ontario Seniors Resources

Learn about programs and services for seniors, including tax credits, health care, caregiving, housing, transportation and more.


Logo-Baycrest-100-feature Logo

Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care

Baycrest Health Sciences is a global leader in geriatric residential living, healthcare, research, innovation and education, with a special focus on brain health and aging.

North York General

North York General Hospital

North York General Hospital, affiliated with the University of Toronto, is one of Canada’s leading community academic hospitals. North York General Hospital offers culturally diverse community a wide range of acute care, ambulatory and long-term care services across three sites.

St. John's Rehab Hospital Logo

Sunnybrook – St. John’s Rehab Hospital

St. John’s Rehab Hospital is dedicated to specialized rehabilitation, rebuilding the lives of adults recovering from life-changing illness or injury.

Gordon's Estate Services

Gordon’s Estate Services

Gordon’s Estate Services provides real estate, downsizing and estate settlement solutions. We meet with you and listen to all your needs. We have one simple objective: to design the downsizing or estate settlement solution that’s right for you. Our focus is on your future. We determine the best way to market your home, help you sort through belongings and choose what to keep, how to beautify your home for sale, sort, pack, clean, ship, manage any extra assets, and anything else you need. We sell your home, help you move into your new home and ensure that you’re completely settled. Your downsize happens seamlessly and effortlessly so you can get back to enjoying life! We help. You move on.

Haircuts on Wheels Logo

Haircuts on Wheels

Haircuts on Wheels is the premiere mobile hair service of Toronto specializing in seniors, people who are ill, and those with disabilities. Their team travels to homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, long-term care facilities, and retirement communities.

HandyHome Logo

HandyHome – Local Handyman, Renovations and Home Maintenance Services

The key to living independently is maximizing accessibility while minimizing injury, trip and fall risks in your home. From smaller jobs to full-out reno’s and project management – we’ve got you covered. Subscription based property maintenance plans also available to promote prevention, maintenance and longevity. Licensed & Insured. Voted #1 best handyman service provider in the GTA!

Home Stairlift Rental Logo

Home Stairlift Rental

Home Stairlift Rentals was created to meet the growing need in the Home Health Care market for a reasonably priced and professionally delivered stairlift rental service. With over 25 years serving Home Health Care clients, the company founders know the requirements of their customers; the elderly, disabled and rehabilitation clients. They will be well served by a committed team, who are courteous, professional, and straightforward in assisting families, providing effective solutions to their home mobility challenges.

Age Comfort Logo

Age Comfort

A leading on-line retailer in Canada for Home Health Care Products and Adult Diapers, AgeComfort are committed to providing customers with the best shopping experience with each order. With a wide selection of products and industry leading prices along with FREE Shipping AgeComfort is a top choice in Canada for Health Care Products.

Music Can Heal Logo

Music Can Heal

Music Can Heal is a non-profit organization that brings peaceful, healing music to patients in care facilities and to those living in retirement facilities.

The Bitove Method Logo

The Bitove Method

The Bitove Method is an academic program offering virtual classes that are created and facilitated by Professional Artists trained in Relational Caring. Our philosophy is based on engagement, creativity, and intergenerational learning.

We practice art-based relational caring to inspire authentic relationships and life enrichment through the arts. Our activities are led by our caring and professional staff and include meaningful conversations, self-expression, dynamic movement, music, art, drama and so much more.

While our virtual academy keeps the needs of those affected by memory loss in mind, our classes are also suitable for the wider community. It’s a respectful and stimulating space for anyone who is interested in the arts and appreciates thoughtful engagement.

Bedford Medical Alert

Bedford Medical Alert

Bedford Medical Alert is a proudly Canadian medical alert service designed to ensure its subscribers live active, vibrant and independent lives at home. When assistance is needed, Bedford’s 24/7 Responders are available at the push of a button or the auto-detection of a fall. Bedford’s Go-Anywhere GPS service extends peace of mind outside the home.

Close to Home Logo

Close to Home Health & Safety Monitoring

Close to Home intelligently combines 24/7 emergency response and fall prevention technology through a real-time activity monitoring system, without the need for a wearable device or a person’s interaction. In the case of a drastic change in activity or potential emergency, notifications will be sent to care providers or family members via a phone call or text message in real-time.

Philips Lifeline Logo

Philips Lifeline

Canada’s #1 Medical Alert System & Medical Alarm Service, helping seniors and people with disabilities stay independent. Trusted by doctors and caregivers.

One Step Ahead Mobility Logo

One Step Ahead Mobility

One Step Ahead Mobility is dedicated to helping clients achieve well-being through physical activity and functional mobility.


Physiomobility Home Healthcare

Physiomobility Home Physiotherapy is a division of Physiomobility Health Group that offers patients a comprehensive, convenient, holistic approach to recovery at home. Our home healthcare services in Toronto bring our state-of-the-art orthopaedic physiotherapy centre to you.


Edithvale Community Centre

The centre was designed with extensive community input and features a double gymnasium, banquet hall, youth lounge, seniors’ lounge, two preschool rooms, a demo/cooking kitchen, three craft rooms, fitness and dance studios, a weight room and an indoor, elevated running/walking track.

Mississauga Seniors Centre Logo

Mississauga Seniors Centre

The Seniors Centre offers various activities to stay active in body, soul and mind.

Thornhill Seniors Club Logo

Thornhill Seniors Club

The Thornhill Seniors Club is a not-for-profit community organization representing the seniors of Thornhill, Ontario. Thornhill is one of four major communities that comprise the City of Markham.

Boomerang Logo


Boomerang is an online social community for retired and semi-retired Canadians to connect, grow and share skills. We make it easy for people aged 50+ to explore their passions, learn new skills, and connect with the community through Boomerang workshops. From painting to storytelling to Nordic pole walking and lawn-bowling, Members have access to specially curated workshops for all skill levels. Members can deepen engagement with the Boomerang community by becoming a Host to share their skills and earn extra income. Membership is free and gives exclusive access to sign up for Workshops across Toronto.

Contact information:
20 Bay Street, 17th Floor
Toronto, Ontario, M5N 2J8

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

Royal Ontario Museum

Canada’s largest museum offers a great outing with friends and family. Take a trip through history featuring dinosaurs and artifacts from around the world!

Able Transport Logo

Able Transport Ltd.

Since 1994, Able Transport Ltd. has been one of North America’s most progressive and reputable full-service transportation agencies. Able Transport Ltd. provides passenger transport service to clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Mosaic Home Care

Mosaic Home Care’s Transportation List

A comprehensive list of transportation options available to the community in Toronto.

Download Mosaic’s Transportation List in PDF format.

Rapid City Transportation Logo

Rapid City Transportation

Rapid City Transportation is a provider of personal transportation in Ontario for people who need special care, by providing door-to-door, concierge-style transportation services of the highest quality, where safety comes first.