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Family Counselling & Navigation

Elder Care Plus®

For many, navigating the health care system and making decisions is a private and often stressful struggle taking up time and effort. At a time when public health and governments are still finding ways of assisting families in their journey for home and community care, Mosaic offers you its knowledge, experience and its innovation. Our approach to Family Counselling and Navigation is unique to Mosaic.

At Mosaic we will provide you and your family with a plan of care to support you and/or your family member in your daily life in a way that respects you as a human being with meaning. Our client services team will assess your personal support and nursing service needs and develop a plan of care in collaboration with you, nominated family members and those with power of attorney, to meet those needs. We adjust our care plans according to your needs and your feedback over time.

More than that we are also here to monitor care provision and to react to questions and concerns you may have. But there are times when our provision of homecare services may not address all your needs.

Care Customized to Your Needs

Beyond our core care services, and for an additional cost, we are also here to provide professional counselling and advice for persons and families navigating through the health care system, for those transitioning to and from hospital, retirement and long-term care residential setting, for those receiving palliative care and those moving towards the end-of-life. In the event of a crisis things can also happen quickly. Having access to experienced professionals to guide and provide counsel and to direct you and advocate for you, at these times, can be vital. Moreover, preparing and planning for future care needs can also be important in helping maintain independence and improving quality of life for person and family. Our focus is on the person, their relationships and life journeys. There are many ways our team of experienced professionals can help you and your family.

Our Elder Care Plus® and Family Counselling Services are here to support your wider needs. Everyone is different. Some persons may just need to be pointed in the right direction while others may need higher level supports.

We offer our clients a 50% reduction in Elder Care Plus® and Family Counselling service fees. Why? We will already know your circumstances and can advise and guide quickly and effectively. Our core services, covered in our basic pricing, cover many incidental navigation and guidance needs.