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Personal Care & Support

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We provide care by the hour, overnight, 24-hour care and look after a wide range of personal needs in the home, wherever the home may be. These needs are primarily:

  • Social and emotional needs
  • Physical supports associated with daily living (bathing, toileting, dressing, feeding etc).
  • Mobility and safe transferring within the home and community
  • Care sensitive to medical conditions
  • Medication monitoring
  • Palliative and end-of-life care

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Personal Support Workers

Non-medical home care services should be delivered by qualified caregivers. In Ontario these are primarily Personal Support Workers (PSWs). For complex clinical conditions this may also involve, to lesser or greater extent the input of a registered health care worker, for example a nurse with an RN or RPN designation.

We also believe that Personal Support Workers (PSWs) should be sensitive to a person’s physical and mental health, their abilities, their wishes and personal preferences with respect to care.

And in more detail, our PSWs provide qualified and trained non-medical support in the following areas:

  • Meaningful conversation, companionship and engagement in interests and activities – treating the person as an individual.
  • Supporting engagement with a person’s social network and community, and monitoring social and emotional health – addressing the need for social connection.
  • Safe, respectful and collaborative support with bathing, showering, toileting, personal hygiene, grooming, dressing and feeding needs of the person – allowing the person to safely retain as much control, respect and dignity.
  • Monitoring and pick-up of medication.
  • Supporting mobility within the home and outside in the community – for some this may involve extensive support in lifting, positioning and transferring, while for others it may involve no more than supervision and limited assistance, if and when needed.
  • High level sensitivity and trained care for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, Parkinson’s, stroke and acquired brain injury.
  • Palliative and/or end of life care that is especially sensitive to social and emotional needs and preferences with respect to care services.
  • Daily reporting and monitoring of a person’s social, emotional and physical conditioning.

To be able to provide safe, person centered and effective care we also believe that Personal Support Workers should work off a well-developed care plan and have the oversight and support of a central client services team staffed by nurses, social workers and other home care services professionals.

A Personal Support Worker also needs to be able to work collaboratively with family, client services and other health care professionals within a connected and accountable care team.

Care provided by our Personal Support Workers is over and above that provided by public health and we will work with you in deciding how best to complement public health care provision.

Personal Support Workers are also known as unregulated health care workers and this means they are prevented from performing regulated tasks that would usually be performed by a Registered Nurse or Registered Practical Nurse.

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Person Centered Care

Mosaic Home Care Services provides a person centered integrated model of medical and non-medical home care services in the Greater Toronto Area, including York Region. This is to enhance the lives of those who might otherwise have to move to a retirement home or Long-term care. Whether a child, young adult, parent or grandparent, we provide solutions that allow you or your loved one the ability to be independent and live in their own home and community. We help the person remain independent and help relieve some of the stress and provide respite services to the main family, friend or partner caregiver.

Our Person Centered culture runs throughout our organization. We take great care to find out about personal preferences and wishes when planning care. But, we also move beyond the usual tasks to engage with a person’s social and emotional needs and their relationships with community.

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How can Mosaic Help?

In addition, we provide relief for family caregivers, new and expectant mothers and all those needing short term care after surgery who might not be able to look after themselves.

For more information on all our home care and support services fill out our contact form or call our client services team at 416-322-7002 and someone would be happy to speak with you about our services.