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Specialized Care

What is specialized care?

It can be anything where extra sensitivity, collaboration and expertise is required. Extra sensitivity and expertise can be needed for specific medical conditions, for end-of-life, for people living with advanced dementia, for people with stroke and/or brain injury and a great many other conditions.

What is important in delivering specialized care is that an organization possesses the expertise and knowledge to be able to assess, address, manage and oversee these needs.  Knowing when to collaborate and work with other health care providers is also integral.

Specialized care requires greater care, sensitivity, experience, expertise, time and attention, pure and simple.

The Person Matters at Mosaic – We are more than just home care

The heart and culture of our service does not change whatever the level of need and ability. In this respect, specialized care addresses not just the clinical need but the social and emotional needs of the person and the family as they move through their life experiences.

At any point in our care provision a person can move towards a more complex specialized care need. We need to be ready to step up and to pre-empt those moments, which is why home care is more than just sending you a caregiver.

At Mosaic we go beyond the basic model of home care, providing higher levels of expertise, service and oversight needed to meet the more complex specialized life and care needs. Person centered care lies at the center of our specialized care provision.

For more information on how we address specialized life and care needs please give us a call and speak to one of our highly trained client service professionals.

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