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Mosaic’s Social Club

What a difference we make how you enjoy your life and community.

Being socially active is important to our mental and physical well being. Whether you prefer the social interaction, the hobbies, interesting talks and the ability to learn new things, Mosaic’s Social Club is here to serve our community.

We encourage our clients, families, Personal Support Caregivers and community to either attend online, or when safe to do so in person and our resource centres.

We also encourage anyone who wants to contribute to our programs and to lend their special perspectives and experiences and skills to do so. We have community resource centres at our Markham and Toronto locations and these are open to all.

Research supports the importance of social connections, hobby and interest groups and meaningful conversations for those who wish to stay connected and engaged in their communities.

All are welcome

Most of our programs are free – for special outings, lunches and tours there may be a small nominal charge and/or admission cost.

Our Mosaic’s Social Club gives you access to our full suite of welcome services for online programs at our community resource centres post COVID-19.  You can pop in any time on your own, with your caregiver or family to find out about our latest social programs, home care supports and services and resources.

From time to time, Mosaic’s Social Club will host interesting talks and presentations on subjects that will be of interest to you and your family. Mosaic’s Social Club – just one more way we make a difference in your life.

Some of our members (clients) have come to many of our events at Mosaic Resource Centre. To name but a few, The Laughter Yoga, First Link® Memory Café at Mosaic in partnership with Alzheimer’s Society York Region.

Mosaic Social Club collage

By understanding more about the person, their values, interests and hobbies, Mosaic offers a genuine caring commitment to their clients. Mosaic’s services were well received from a relative of mine who required overnight care. As well, a neighbour I have known for many years receives care from Mosaic, and I see firsthand the difference it has made in the quality of their lives. Mosaic truly cares about the person, the families and the communities they serve!

I was reading your website and I must tell you, it’s the first agency that I have read about that actually talks about not just the medical aspects of services offered, but talks about the compassion of how its importance in the community, and passion and education to make better more information choices so people can enhance their lifestyle through social interaction.

The Bernard Betel Centre has worked with Jane and the Mosaic team for over 10 years in a variety of settings such as presentations, health fairs, conferences and much more. I can always count on Mosaic to be reliable and provide excellent, up-to-date information for the senior community with a smile.

Monthly Social Events

You will find updated monthly events in our events section. If there is an event that you particularly want to go to, please call us in advance and we can help you with the arrangements at 416-322-7002.

Our events are open and welcome to all. We are inclusive of all persons and take special care to support the diverse needs and preferences that make up humanity. If you have concerns and would like to discuss how we can make your visit memorable and enjoyable, please call us. We ask all those who attend to be sensitive to the needs of others and to take the time to welcome new members.