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Nursing Services

Working with your wider health care team we provide person centered, private duty nursing care services tailored to each family’s unique needs. Our Mosaic nursing staff is trained and highly qualified to address your medical needs.

Knowing the boundaries between nursing care delivered by Registered Nurses (RNs) and Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) and the personal supports provided by qualified Personal Support Workers (PSWs) is critical to delivering safe and effective care in the home.

Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses

Our RNs and RPNs provide medication, pain and symptom management, monitoring, charting and updating of care plans, tracheostomy and catheter care, wound care, specialized care, palliative, cancer and end-of-life care and monitoring of changes to a clients physical and mental well-being.

Personal Support Workers

Personal Support Workers (PSWs) are considered unregulated care providers (Regulated Health Professions Act) and are generally restricted to providing help with activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, toileting etc.) and incidental activities of daily living such as shopping and meal preparation. PSWs are allowed to provide medication reminders but are restricted from performing a great many other necessary acts of care.

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Our Management Framework

Our RNs and RPNs will supplement the care provided by public health and will complement the care provided by our PSWs. Mosaic Home Care looks to provide a structured and caring medical management framework that adapts to and is responsive to the client’s medical needs, family wishes and physician’s instructions. We aim to provide nursing management that monitors symptoms and prevents complications.

We work with other professionals in the field to ensure your needs are met and your service expectations are exceeded. Should you have existing nursing care in place but require more support, Mosaic can work to complement the care needed.

Especially, if a family member or individual has been discharged from hospital to home you may require additional nursing services above what the Home & Community Support Services will provide.

Mosaic Home Care and Your Care Team

Your care team consists of doctors, specialists, facility coordinators, family and friends. Everyone who is involved in your care, or the care of a family member, is part of a team that is putting their patient’s health care first.

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Next step in contacting Mosaic for a one-on-one assessment

Upon contacting Mosaic Home Care our Client Services Coordinator will record your information and process your nursing care request. Our Client Services Nurse Consultant will then contact you, usually the same day, to arrange a time for a call, video chat or to meet you in person if that is convenient for you. You and your family are our top priority.

Cheerful home caregiver embracing senior woman

Member Focused Principles

We take pride in delivering high quality nursing care to our clients and we are respectful of the position we hold in your home, amongst your family. In becoming a part of your care, we become part of your care team. All our clients are members of the Mosaic Home Care family.

Customized Care Plan

Our Client Services Nurse Consultant will meet with you and your family, (to manage expectations) either, virtually, or in person at your home, the hospital, a retirement home, or in our offices. Together, a customized care plan is created. Built with Mosaic Home Care’s Member Focused Principles, the Customized Care Plan incorporates all elements of importance and reflects your care team’s objectives.

Nurses are chosen based on the member’s medical needs and then on compatibility. The Elder Care Plus® care package incorporates navigation and advocacy, social work, enhanced services for complex care needs, and family counselling and assistance.

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