Mosaic helped put our minds at ease for the care of our father

I wanted to provide feedback on behalf of myself and my family not only about your organization, but more so about Christine. As you know, this was the very first time that we have ever sought out any time of care for my father, more so overnight care in my parents’ home. Because our plans fell through with my brother who was originally going to care for my dad, Kathy [a Mosaic office employee] you stepped up immediately and reassured me that you were able to help. We are truly appreciative of what you have done in so short a period of time. 

As you know there are many horror stories out there concerning the ill treatment of seniors, and we did not want my father to fall victim to anything. The decision to do this was worrisome to say the least. My father is a very important part of our lives and the thought of leaving him with someone proved very stressful on all of us, but at this point we also had to consider the wellbeing of my mother, his primary caregiver for the last seven years of his illness and her need for some rest. Of course there were questions of having a stranger in our home and having someone we only just met briefly, look after the care of my father. 

The initial meeting with Christine put our minds at ease. Her demeanor and her assurance of his care left us worry free during our trip. I can tell you that there was never a day while away that we worried. The vacation was peaceful, fun and relaxing. I would be lying if I did not tell you that we did have my brother in law check in regularly and his feedback was extremely positive. I was told that Christine made a beautiful dinner for him and my dad and they had a very pleasant evening. When we arrived home from our trip, the house was spotless, my father was well cared for, and so was their dog. I laugh when I think back on my father’s face when he saw us … It was that look of “damn it they are back” Christine even cleaned up after the dog, swept and cleaned the yard and picked up a few things from the grocery for my mother’s return so she did not have to run around. Christine cooked healthy meals every night for him, even though we told her to order out on occasion. My father said he was well taken care of, and the nurses agreed that she did an amazing job with him.

We have every intention of using your organization again, and I must tell you that our vacations will now be planned around the availability of Christine. Please share this with Christine for us, and extend our sincere thanks for her going above and beyond her duties.

Sherene J.