What are the Benefits of Connection to Nature?

In Mosaic’s Community Life Podcast, episode 13 we welcome Emma Rooney from Blooming Caravan www.bloomingcaravan.ca & Victoria Muir-Burcea she is the founder and owner of MYRECREO.Health

Emma Rooney is a Certified Forest Therapy Guide and Horticultural Therapy Practitioner with a passion for helping others connect to benefits of nearby nature. She is the founder of ⁠www.blomingcaravan.ca⁠

Victoria Muir-Burcea holds a Health Degree from Queen’s she is a Wellness Coach with a passion for helping others connect and create more health and joy in their lives. She is the Founder and Owner of MYRECREO.HEALTH a wellness platform focusing on physical, emotional and brain wellness for women and she is the co-host of The Let’s Relieve Regret Podcast.

Together they are the facilitators of Mosaic’s growing wellness café, A Memory-Friendly Community