Sowing Seeds of Gratitude

We recap this Fall Garden Festival, which was featured on September 2023 at Sunshine Centres for Seniors was featured at Ward’s Island.

Mosaic Home Care in collaboration and funding from TD Park People Grants, Sunshine Centres for Seniors and Blooming Caravan organized this event for the community. This was a collaboration of how not-for-profit and private businesses work together in our communities.

On September 25th, 2023 we had a Harvest Festival at Camp Sunshine on Ward’s Island. We spent a day exploring Toronto Island Park, learned about natural environments, and participated in hands-on garden demonstrations with Emma Rooney from Blooming Caravan

Participants left the Harvest Festival with seed balls and garlic bulbs to plant at home. Two other follow-up workshops, were held online on Monday October 2nd and Monday October 16th, 2023