A Sneak Peek into the World of Mosaic’s Client Services

By Kevin Lopes, Marketing & Media Assistant

Our Client Services Team is part of the heart and soul of Mosaic. Between filling open schedules, answering the phones, organizing new employee orientations and keeping all angles well balanced, Mosaic’s Client Services team is busy keeping the “Mosaic engine” running smoothly. Spending a day listening in on the Client Services team in action, it is easy to see the team-work and good communication that all members share. Our team is ready, willing and able to answer each and every call that comes into our Mosaic office with compassion and expertise.

Mosaic’s Client Services team works together with a great attitude and camaraderie. Even on high pressure days, Mosaic’s Client Services department is filled with up-beat chatter. Between calls, team-members are brainstorming ideas, asking for another viewpoint on a situation, and keeping each other informed on client situations or changes, scheduling front-line Care Team members, discussing health & industry updates. Everyone in Client Services shares this team-first mentality, helping each other solve problems, working together and motivating each other throughout the day. Spending a day in Client Services feels like the whole team is answering a call, not just one person!

With a variety of calls coming in, Mosaic’s Client Services team provides callers with relief and education. When giving Mosaic a call you are guaranteed to receive an answer from an informed and empathetic member of our team. Our staff can inform callers about our services, Mosaic events, and the importance of hiring a bonded, insured and certified caregiver, like our Mosaic front-line Care Team. We will also link callers to other industry and community services to help seniors and their families including an invitation to visit our Community Resource Centre to browse information and brochures on over 250 different organizations. Often, Mosaic’s Client Services team find themselves to be a lifeline to callers in crisis, who do not know about their options or where to start. When you call Mosaic, you can expect an answer from our resourceful and knowledgeable staff and you will sigh in relief, knowing that you and your family are in good hands.


Candace, BA (Hons.)
Client Services Lead


Joanna, BSW
Client Services


Abirami, BA
Client Services

Our team is ready, willing and able to answer each and every call that comes into our Mosaic office with compassion and expertise.