Person Centered Care – Part Two

Person Centered Care? Together we can do it, but it needs us all.

Episode 12, Part 2 of 2

Our featured guests are Professor Andrew Miles and Professor Sir Jonathan Elliot Asbridge. They are the two senior officers and founders of The European Society for Person Centered Healthcare in the UK. They are here to continue the panel discussion about Person Centered Care in all its many dimensions.

During the podcast we reference several important points and conclusions within an article recently published within the new Section on PCC, a major collaboration between the ESPCH and the top-rated international Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice (JECP). The JECP‐European Society for Person‐Centered Healthcare (ESPCH) Section on Person‐Centred Care (

Main article Care as a human endeavour ( the full article by Professor Andrew Miles and Professor Sir Jonathan Elliott Asbridge