Correction In The Liberal

To The Editor

The Liberal
50 East Beaver Creek Rd
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1G6

We would like to point out an error in your article “Thornhill’s better care: Mosaic building blocks to better home care” that appeared in the Liberal on Friday September 10th. The article stated that “the women admit while government run and non-profit home care organizations are their competition, by no means is Mosaic against the idea of individuals seeking those options.”

We would like to make clear that we are not in competition with the CCAC (Canadian Community Care Access) which provides wonderful support for people in the community: as a private homecare company the care we provide complements, but is over and above, that provided by CCAC, which is government funded and free.

Private home care companies should always make sure that their clients have contacted CCAC and secure the care they are entitled to from the government before making service contracts.

We are a community focussed homecare company who believe in the importance of for profit and not for profit companies working together for the benefit of the community. Caring for the elderly is going to become more and more important as demographics change and together we will need to find innovative ways of increasing the availability of care by bringing all elements of the community together.

The essence of our community resource centre is to help inform the public about all the options available, which means informing them of the many not for profit organisations as well as necessary for profit companies that can be of help to them. Non profit agencies are very valuable resources for those in need of care.

Over the years, we are well aware, that the Liberal has been active in promoting home and elder care education and in raising awareness of this important issue, and we would like to extend our support to the very important service the paper has given and continues to give to the community.

Kind regards
Yours faithfully

Jane Teasdale, Nathalie Anderson, Mercedes Santos