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The Meaning of Me®

How do we address the social and emotional needs of persons we are providing services for?

Our solution is creating a space for ongoing conversation between our Mosaic Home Care members and our caregivers. A conversation we think you may also wish to extend to a much wider audience. This conversation is explained further in our booklet,

The Meaning of Me® is an interactive journey into ‘your’ past and ‘your’ present, into key moments in ‘your’ life, ‘your’ family and friends and pets, ‘your’ interests and hobbies. We believe that the person is more than the sum of a series of events and experiences. Personal values and beliefs all shape who we are.

First and foremost, The Meaning of Me® is meant to create conversation between Mosaic’s caregivers and our Client Services’ Liaison who visits our members on scheduled and non-scheduled visits. But we envisage it being used by some of our member families to build, among other things, interesting records and collages of life history.

The Meaning of Me® is not meant to be done in ‘one sitting’ and it is not meant to be a tiring process. The meaning and the content is likely to keep on expanding over time and, like a painting, with its many different layers, the conversation is open to creative expression. It is both a conversation and a journey.

Families are more than welcome to participate in this activity – you may be surprised at the stories that come out of it!

The Meaning of Me® booklet will be sent with an explanation letter to families or clients receiving longer hours of care. And further explanation about the person will be communicated to the Personal Support Worker before the shift and in their communication notes. It will also be found in the Lifestyle Care Plan binder at the place of residence after our home visit. This will give everyone working with our Mosaic member an opportunity to see and hear their life stories, and the milestones and memories that made it all so special!

Mosaic Home Care Services takes pride in standing out in the industry. We are dedicated to building relationships, serving and getting to know our members. We do this through our scheduled home assessment visits, phone conversations, emails and drop in home visits.

We are all looking forward to some valuable story sharing and as always, hearing your feedback!